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Monday, 20 October 2008

Should Britain feed itself? Can Britain feed itself?

I caught the Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 today (first broadcast Sunday 19 October 2008) while driving through Warwickshire in the pouring rain.

The question up for debate today was: 'Should Britain feed itself? Can Britain feed itself?' Based on the evidence of the Fife Diet where 600 people in Scotland have been experimenting with eating only locally produced or landed food the answer is no longer the 'you must be crazy' which the supermarket lobby might have us believe. It's an inspirational story which you can catch here

What do you think? Is this just a middle class fad or an example of a more sustainable approach to food that could scale beyond Fife? What are the true economics of local food?

1 comment:

Andy said...

Have you read the article "Can Britain Feed Itself" which was in the Land magazine a while back.

It's based on the Mellanby article from the 1970s and updated for modern day agriculture and looks at organic, vegan and permaculture. Really interesting read.

Andy (