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Monday, 29 September 2008

First Food Safari event - Peakhill Farm Walk

With the kids safely in the care of my Mum we’re off to Peakhill to set up for this afternoon’s walk. Again it’s a gorgeous September day. Just as we’re approaching the farm we get a call from Karen to say that she and Rob are safely back from Italy so the prospect of having to lead the walk ourselves thankfully disappears. Karen appears clutching the local paper - the EADT (East Anglian Daily Times) with a full article on Food Safari and photo of the White family which makes everyone feel positive and excited.

Everyone at Peakhill is fantastic today from Dane and Autumn picking the green leaves to Chris on the Barbie, Jan on just about every front, Bea on car parking and registration duties and of course the Whites. Rob does an excellent talk and holds everyone entranced.

We have around 25 adults for the walk (as well as a quite a few babies and children) which is a perfect group for Rob to talk eloquently and passionately about his one goal: to keep this 175 acre farm alive and in business for at least another generation.

After a really healthy couple of hours around the fields and lanes everyone is pretty hungry and the feast is a lovely occasion – the farm yard is a picture of bucolic heaven and the sun is still shining. There is a wealth of produce in prime nick.

At around 6.30 (although if feels more like 9) we pack up the car and head home. It’s been a lot of fun, pretty hard work and everything that we could have wanted for Food Safari number one.

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